50+ Breathtaking Teej Mehndi Designs 2018 (Updated)

Incredible Hartalika Teej 2018 Mehndi Designs

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Teej Mehndi Designs:

Women’s mostly tend to use the Teej Mehndi Designs in their teej festival. Teej is one of the festivals of the religion Hinduism. Women’s mostly celebrate this festival. The name of the festival teej is taken on the name od goddess teej parvati. In this festival women celebrate the union of their goddess Teej parvati with Lord shiva. On the very day of the festival was the day when the goddess pervati left his fathers house and went to the house of the lord shiva. The Hindu goddess pervati is a sign or symbol of complete womanhood.The teej festival is dedicated to their goddess parvati. Teej is in praise of marital bliss and  for the well being of spouse and children. The teej festival also celebrates the  arrival of the long awaited monsoon after a brutally hot summer.

When Is The Teej Festival Celebrated:

According to the Hindu tradition this festival takes place on the third of the Shukla Paksha of sawaan month according to the Hindu calendar. Which normally falls between late July to early September.This festival is a three-day celebration which includes rigid fasting and wonderful opportunities.

Ways Of Celebration:

In the preparation of the festival Women wear red and yellow cloths. Women also wear glass or plastic or lacquer bangles on their hands. Women decorate their hands with beautiful and delicate designs with Henna. On the day of festivals married girls go to their parents house to receive gifts. The unmarried girls receive sweets and other stuff from their parents and their relatives. Houses have beautiful swings outside their house for girls to swing on them. Girls spend the whole day taking swings and singing songs because they think it as a way of honoring their goddess parvati. As this day was also the union of the goddess Teej parvati with lord shiva. The photo of teej parvati is placed in a wedding cart that is taken out in the procession of  Elephants , Camels and other things. This is also a way to honor their goddess parvati.

Following Are The Best Teej Mehndi Designs:

Single Hand Teej Mehndi Designs:

Teej Mehndi Designs

This is backhand design has an amazing look to it as it has a simple and elegant touch in its design.This design is for both Adults and Teenagers.

Teej Mehndi Designs

Girls admire this hand design very much as it has an half heart in the palm of the hand. The half heart design in the hand represent half life or incomplete as it shows that the girl is still single. Teenagers and the unmarried girls tend to use this design more.

Teej Mehndi Designs

This is also an amazing backhand design with long chain type look. This design has a youth touch because of that teenagers tend to use this design more.

Teej Mehndi Designs

This design is for the type of girls that like clean and neat hands with little work on them. This attractive backhand design is a new trending design. Teenagers and Adults both use this design.

Teej Mehndi Designs

This backhand design has simple look to it which looks very beautiful on the hands. This top of this design looks like a fire that is burning up with flames.Teej Mehandi Designs

This backhand design is very attractive because it looks like a flower blooming up towards the sky.

Teej Mehndi Designs

This design is very simple and narrow. It is also very simple to make.

Teej Mehndi Designs

This design covers most of the fingers completely and semi-half of the hand. This is a very creative backhand design that most of the girls like.

Teej Mehndi Designs

This is a very beautiful design with many flowers that make it’s look even better and splendid. This design is very attractive and captive to the eyes.

Teej Mehndi Designs

This image is an another example of pretty creative design. This design has a modern look which makes it even more wonderful.

Teej Mehndi Designs

This image also shows a wonderful design that has a touch flowers in it.

Both Hands Teej Mehndi Designs:

Teej Mehndi Designs

This is a very unique design as it as a full flower shape design on its backhand. Which makes your hand attractive and is visible to people who  are standing far away from you.

Teej Mehndi Designs

This design is a very eye catching and simple design which has an ancient look on the backhand. This design was an old trend which is now emerging as a new trend.

Teej Mehndi Designs

This both hand mehndi design is the most difficult and elegant of all the designs. This design is a great art work which will make your hand beautiful.

full hand design

These are the most hard designs but their beauty is worth the hard work. This design will give your hand a royal look.

Teej Mehndi Dsigns
This is very attractive and beautiful design for girls.

Full Arm Teej Mehndi Designs:

Teej Mehndi Designs

This full hand mehndi design is a very pretty and elegant for Adults and Teenagers. This design covers and decorates your full arm.

Teej Mehndi Designs

This full arm design is the most trendy and looks very beautiful with sleeve less shirts. Girls of young age are most likely to have their arms decorated with these kind of designs.

Teej Mehndi Designs

This amazing design covers the whole hand with beautiful flower design.

Teej Mehndi Designs

This full hand mehndi design has a very splendid look as it has a pattern in which a long branch of flowers is coming down on the palm of hand.

arm design

This is design is an inspirational work. The design was inspired from the Taj Mahel and that is why has a very complex and unique pattern in it.

Mehndi hand design

This design has a complete flower drawn from the elbow to the palm of the hand.

Hand and Wrist Teej Mehndi Designs:

Another amazing and cute design that has the pattern of the flowers on it. This design is very elegant on the hand.

back hand design

This beautiful design has a lot of space after its each pattern this design has crown like top with little flowers on the top of them.

wrist design

This wrist design is one a kind which only covers the wrist and has the touch of bracelets in its design.

Backhand design

This is a great design that is made from the white color ink and is very loved because of it’s lovely and pretty look on hand.

Backhand Design

This full backhand is loved by girls for the royal type of look that it gives to the hand.

Backhand design

This design is a great example to show that the design is only limited by your creativity.

Backhand Design

The back hand design which has great design on both the wrist fingers and the back of hand

Back hand Mehndi Design

This full arm design looks very beautiful on the hands of the young girls because it is clearly visible when the girls where half sleeve shirts.

Backhand Mehndi Design

This is a growing design because of its different and unique feel.

hand mehndi designs

This design has a very amazing look with a strap on the center of the palm while the arm has a complete flower type design.

hand mehndi Desings

This design decorates one finger with the middle part of the palm and the rest of the arm with gorges flower style pattern.

Back hand Mehndi design

In this design the finger have ring like design with a peacock design attached to it.

Back hand mehndi design

The design with a very old touch with the little seasoning of modern touch. Makes this design perfect for women with a little old age taste.

arm mehndi design
This is an amazing and a very colorful design that gives very wonderful look on the hand.

Hand and Feet Teej Mehndi Designs:hand and feet

The hand and feet combo design has a very beautiful and stunning design because of it’s unique , elegant and pleasant touch.

Hand Feet Mehndi Designs

This hand and feet design is a modern and great looking design.

Feet Teej Mehndi Designs:Feet design

This feet design shows great pattern design and an artistic sun in the middle of the feet.

feet design

This one of the most simplest and easiest feet design. women like this design because it is according to their tastes.

Full Leg Teej Mehndi Designs:

Teej Mehndi Desighs

This mehndi design which looks very soothing on the legs has a very different feel to it. This design has a lot of resemblance from the peacock feathers..

Teej Mehndi Designs

This is design on the leg has a very beautiful formation and smooth look which attracts the eye.


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